edisonlogoJensen Beach Green is proud to announce Edison Insurance is the official home owners insurance company of the JBG project.  We are very excited to be partnering with Edison in the early stages of the design phase of this project.  Edison is a forward thinking, Florida based, homeowners Insurance company with offices in South Florida and the West Cost of Florida and has one of the most consumer friendly websites I have seen.  The newly released website allows home owners to generate custom policies and premium quotes right online.  I found it so easy, I was able to generate a quote for the JBG house at 11 pm.  The site allowed me to choose what was relevant to the JBG home and also benefit from upgraded construction methods being use in this project.  Users can even see just how much it cost to have a dog or a trampoline.  All of this done while in the comport of your home.

What really gets me excited is the ability for the JBG design team to work directly with the actuaries and underwriters at Edison Insurance to design a home, from scratch, that addresses risk.  In order to build the most resilient home and obtain the lowest premium at an affordable price, we must plan before we build.  Working with the Edison team, we look to implement features into our design that protect the house from the highest catastrophic events (hurricanes, tornadoes and fires) the home owner may face to the most common and costly events experienced by the insurance company – water damage.

hurricane-damageEdison will be working very closely with the JBG team to insure all aspects of construction will produce the best possible affordable structure in regards to extreme weather resiliency, thus insuring the maximum discount possible on our insurance.  Edison will also be working with the JBG team in regard to design changes to insure small but costly events like water related events are controlled from the time of the incident thus eliminating any water related damage claims.  A bit of foresight and planning is key to proper risk mitigation and lower annual premiums.  Both teams will be working very hard to document the additional cost (if any) to implement these risk reduction techniques and documenting the additional annual savings the home owner will receive as a result of lower annual premiums.  Jensen Beach Green is demonstrating how by building beyond the local building code, we can insure the home owner is protected today and years into the future while decreasing the actual life cycle cost of the home.