jon hipp2“Coach, Model, Adventurer, Health Nut and Fitness Guru”  No project or High Performance Team is complete without their own “Coach” and Jensen Beach Green has the one and original Jon Hipp (Hipp short for Hippensteel).  Jon comes from a family of great athletes, motivators and spiritual warriors.  Papa Hipp (David) has just been crowned the fittest man in the nation after winning the Crossfit games in Los Angeles in July 2016 at SIXTY years old.  Our meeting was such random encounter (or may not – God has mysterious ways of bring people together) 7 years ago it is hard to believe.  Jon and I met while running our first road race – The Los Angeles Marathon.  It must have been about 4 miles into the 26.4 mile race when we came alongside each other and we just started talking. Oh did we talk, we talked for the whole race.  Well almost the whole race because I must have had a little extra gas in the tank as I went on to finish ahead of big Jon – My one and only time.  Once the race was over I found Jon on Facebook (I guess I could not forget his last name as I stink with names) and we have been friends ever since.  Jon believes the key to life is faith, food, fitness and simplicity.  All of these factors are being integrated into our Jensen Beach Green project.  From simple design, to organic food production, to open outdoor areas for fitness and medication, our home will support a positive lifestyle.  I look forward to sharing Jon’s videos and tips during the project and beyond as he is a great role model for all.