No, we want on time and under budget.   I ask –  what power generating industry is being subsidized without consumer control?  Not the distributed residential solar industry.  Residential solar in Florida has broken the 2 dollar per watt mark for installed solar power.  This is unheard of and makes traditional power nothing more than an expensive back up with no consumer control.  The “one time” Federal tax credit of 30% provided by the tax payer for tax payers via the federal government is nothing more than an infrastructure building tool just like cutting the tax rate on corporate income.   Once used, they build residual value over time by shifting the responsibility of power generation from the centralized power industry to a distributed consumer model.  They also cost the government nothing if they are not used. They courage manufacturing and competition. Tax credits are not prone to cost over runs and delays which are all paid directly by the tax payers locally and nationally as we seen happening in Georgia and Florida as utilities are requesting rate increases.

It looks like in Georgia residential solar consumers will be unfairly paying for the cost over runs on their long delayed nuclear power plant.  Just one more reason why America should be investing in distributed residential solar in every state that it shows a positive impact – over 50% of the nation and growing as installed cost drops.   In Florida,  100% return on investment after federal tax credits has dropped below 7.5 years on a product with a 20 year warranty and this is just today as the prices continue to fall on the panel and  installation cost.  I am projecting a 100% ROI will to drop to 5 years in the next 24 to 36 months and at this point we may see a tipping point with rapid expansion all across the nation benefiting consumers, installers and manufactures.

Centralized utility produced nuclear energy does not have a return on investment like residential solar today or in the future, so why do we continue to make such bad investments?  Solar is not perfect and the short comings are just problems to be solved, but no reason to abandon a system that has significant personal and community impact.  Consumer driven distributed residential solar – what a way to make America great again!

Georgia Public Service Commissioners to Decide on Increasing Costs for New Plant Vogtle Nuclear Reactors