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Building the futures high performance "Shelter-in-Place" sustainable home TODAY

Time for home owners to supply their own water

We have a bottled water crisis just because cities and municipalities have failed to deliver safe DRINKING water to the consuming public.  The laughing part is the hassle one gets when they attempt to install their own water supply.  In short, the only way a consumer can control what flows through the faucet is to set up their own rain water harvesting system.  Jensen Beach Green is out to show Americans how to cut the water line and beyond.


Why we need resilient homes NOW

We can no longer be dependent on electric, water and sewer grids for safety and reliability as they are a prone to attach from outside interest.  The only way we are going to build resilient communities is to build resilient homes that are not dependent on centralized services. The Jensen Beach Green project is the model home of the future that is capable of self sustainability in all situations from extreme weather to physical and digital terrorist attacks.

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The time is now for Infrastructure Savings Accounts (ISA)

Infrastructure Savings Account (ISA)

By Rob Stehlin MBA   June 6, 2017

Efficiency and resilience are two areas facing American homeowners.   How our communities connect and how we look to save the planet are in the news daily.  The problem we face today is how do we transition our current base of 100 million inefficient homes to ones that are more energy efficient, earth friendly and water efficient while being able to resist chronic stresses and extreme shocks?  All transitions cost money and we are a nation that is already 20 Trillion in debt.  Our current administration has committed to infrastructure spending, but is limited by a budget that is burdened with debt.  An alternative way to fund infrastructure projects, with zero impact,  is to create a financial instrument that incentive’s consumers to save (tax free) and spend the savings on the modernization of personal infrastructure (home:  water, energy & waste)

The establishment of Infrastructure Savings Accounts (ISA’s) is the solution.  Congress could pass a law allowing for the establishment of infrastructure specific savings accounts that would be specific to certain expenses just like health savings accounts.  If just 30% of homeowners participated by contributing a max amount of approx $7500, Americans would have 225 billion dollars annually to invest in home infrastructure creating demand for building materials, manufacturing and create jobs in multiple areas while lowering our CO2 emissions and saving our limited water resources.

By law, ISAs would be available to all homeowners and are not a dependent on someone else’s Federal tax return.   The credited amount could be different depending on the size of the dwelling.   Limits could range from $5,000 to upwards of $10,000 (or more) per year depending on size.  Homeowners would have the option to make variable tax–free contributions to one’s account, so long as total contributions do not exceed the limits established by law. The funds in your ISA can be used to pay for ones homeowner’s deductible and/or “qualified” infrastructure* expenses that do not count towards your deductible.

Features of an ISA would include:

The time is now.  Join our movement to bring about this legislation quickly.  Contact your congressional representative and encourage them to support the establishment of Infrastructure Savings Accounts.  If you have a relationship with specific representatives, please feel free to contact me at as we will be looking for bill sponsors and could use all the help we can get in order to get this program rolling through congress.  


*To be modeled after list similar to Health Savings account to include:  Energy, Water, Sewage, Structural, and Efficiency expenses.

The canary is about to go silent….

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the crash will come before the flood.  The Treasure Coast area of Florida, with its high elevations, is already seeing an increase of buyers coming from South Florida.  Only a matter of time and the exit out of South Florida will begin.


Shut UP!

The cause and the cure to the current housing crisis.


What happens in Vegas can happen everywhere!

Vegas is setting the pace for the rest of the nation.  It is quite funny to see sin city lead the nation in the transition to renewable energies.  It just goes to show that with a vision, a strategy and good leadership, we can do good.



Why build coal, oil or nuclear when solar electric is cheaper?

Why build fossil fuel powered facilities when solar is cheaper?    I will keep this one short and sweet, let the money do the talking.  Solar is on the verge of breaking out as cost drops below other energy sources and construction time is considerably shorter.   Utility scale storage is just around the corner and when the price point drops another 50 – 60% the transition to clean energy will be complete.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.


No more Reddi Wip!

Insanity strikes again and it is hitting the Christmas dinner table because there will be no Reddi Whip for anyone.  YES, due to an explosion at a Florida nitrous oxide plant in August there will be no Reddi Whip in December.  All remaining nitrous oxide supplies are needed for our healthcare professionals to perform surgeries.  Yes, it came down to major surgeries or Reddi Whip and the surgeries won.

This brings up a good question – what about whipping your own cream to get WHIPPED CREAM?  Just take two cups whipping cream, pour in bowl, mix till stiff, then consume.  It is sad a whole supply chain has been created just to support lazy AMERICANS who can no longer whip cream.  I would wager only 2 out of 10 Americans would even know how to make whipped cream?

In order to return our nation to one of resiliency, we must return to the roots of local communities and resilient individuals providing basic services for themselves.



Solar going main stream as prices plummet……

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Wal-Mart going 50% renewable is not difficult by 2025 with installed cost breaking through $1.50 per kwh TODAY at a residential level.  Not just Wal-Mart, but every home and every business has the opportunity to go 100% RENEWABLE now.  I find it very interesting how the traditional media has totally ignored this ground breaking event as they continue to report how the “Green” industry will be hurt under the Trump administration.   The only companies that will be hurt in a free market are those that were never sustainable in the first place.  The current 30% tax credit is nothing compared to the “additional” cost associated with other forms of energy.  Solar can stand on its own and it is about to fly.



Late and over budget – not the way to make America great again.

No, we want on time and under budget.   I ask –  what power generating industry is being subsidized without consumer control?  Not the distributed residential solar industry.  Residential solar in Florida has broken the 2 dollar per watt mark for installed solar power.  This is unheard of and makes traditional power nothing more than an expensive back up with no consumer control.  The “one time” Federal tax credit of 30% provided by the tax payer for tax payers via the federal government is nothing more than an infrastructure building tool just like cutting the tax rate on corporate income.   Once used, they build residual value over time by shifting the responsibility of power generation from the centralized power industry to a distributed consumer model.  They also cost the government nothing if they are not used. They courage manufacturing and competition. Tax credits are not prone to cost over runs and delays which are all paid directly by the tax payers locally and nationally as we seen happening in Georgia and Florida as utilities are requesting rate increases.

It looks like in Georgia residential solar consumers will be unfairly paying for the cost over runs on their long delayed nuclear power plant.  Just one more reason why America should be investing in distributed residential solar in every state that it shows a positive impact – over 50% of the nation and growing as installed cost drops.   In Florida,  100% return on investment after federal tax credits has dropped below 7.5 years on a product with a 20 year warranty and this is just today as the prices continue to fall on the panel and  installation cost.  I am projecting a 100% ROI will to drop to 5 years in the next 24 to 36 months and at this point we may see a tipping point with rapid expansion all across the nation benefiting consumers, installers and manufactures.

Centralized utility produced nuclear energy does not have a return on investment like residential solar today or in the future, so why do we continue to make such bad investments?  Solar is not perfect and the short comings are just problems to be solved, but no reason to abandon a system that has significant personal and community impact.  Consumer driven distributed residential solar – what a way to make America great again!

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