Insanity strikes again and it is hitting the Christmas dinner table because there will be no Reddi Whip for anyone.  YES, due to an explosion at a Florida nitrous oxide plant in August there will be no Reddi Whip in December.  All remaining nitrous oxide supplies are needed for our healthcare professionals to perform surgeries.  Yes, it came down to major surgeries or Reddi Whip and the surgeries won.

This brings up a good question – what about whipping your own cream to get WHIPPED CREAM?  Just take two cups whipping cream, pour in bowl, mix till stiff, then consume.  It is sad a whole supply chain has been created just to support lazy AMERICANS who can no longer whip cream.  I would wager only 2 out of 10 Americans would even know how to make whipped cream?

In order to return our nation to one of resiliency, we must return to the roots of local communities and resilient individuals providing basic services for themselves.