IMG_20160124_162715In order for us to build the most efficient home possible,  we are starting with the most efficient building envelope we could find (walls, roof, windows and doors).  When deciding on the specific envelope system (walls and roof), we took into consideration what elements we would be combating in order to insure the performance of our home once it is built.  In Jensen Beach, we have some of the toughest conditions in the country; Hot temperatures, High humidity, Minimal daily temperature variation, Cloudy skies and Extreme hurricane conditions.

In our search far wide for the best performing envelope, we looked at concrete block (CBS), insulated concrete forms (ICF), wood framing, and steel framing.  We wanted strength against hurricanes and tornadoes, high insulation against the radiating heat of Florida summers, non-moisture absorbing materials inside and in

Spray Rock

Spray Rock

the walls to help reduce the energy load needed to manage humidity, mold and mildew inside the envelope, and a system that would deliver the highest quality indoor air quality possible by remove as much organic material possible from the inside air space.

In the end, we have settled on the SprayRock Building Systems “high performance” Net Zero envelope building system as the core component of our envelope.  SRBS is a Miami Dade NOA (highest wind load rated system in the country) building system that is considered a hybrid system utilizing the internal strength of galvanized light gauge steel with the insulating benefits of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and the extreme strength of a steel reinforced exterior cladding of solid gunite.

Here are just some of the reasons we choose the SprayRock System over other commercially available systems.

As a homeowner we wanted benefits that were not just cosmetic and short term but benefits that were the core structure of the home and would continue to generate savings for the life cycle of the home.


  • Energy Efficient – Extreme Environment Resistant Home
    • High-Performance Thermal Enclosure from foundation to roof
    • Complete envelope for our Zero Energy Home project – ZERH
    • Ultra-Efficient Wall Insulation – exterior walls will reach R36 and we expect R36 – R56 on the roof/attic
    • Continuous Exterior Thermal Blanket Construction – eliminates thermal bridging
    • Comprehensive Draft Protection
    • Highly Efficient Moisture Management
    • Termite Resistant – Rot, Mold, Fungus and Mildew Resistant
    • We have been able to obtain over 84% reduction in our home owners insurance with Edison Insurance Company based on the materials and methods used in the SprayRock Building system.
    • Reduced maintenance and energy bills
  • Project Efficient – The SprayRock envelope erects 50% faster than traditional methods of block or ICF
    • We will expereince a reduction of skilled labor we need on site – all of the exterior walls, interior walls, floor trusses and roof trusses are off site manufactured, assembled and delivered ready to assemble using the SprayRock patented automated alignment system.  Great for anyone looking to build faster and better.
    • Computer aided manufacturing and modeling will be used for the complete project. We will have a complete 3D model of the home and all of its systems before the foundation is poured.  All sub contractors will have access to this model prior to the project commencing.  All modeling and technology is being provided to the great guys at Champion Home Solutions
    • SprayRock pre-cuts all of the MEP’s (mechanical, electrical and plumbing – based on our 3D model), central vacuum and pest control, we will speed up the construction time while reducing the cost of the installation of each system.

SAFETY – In Florida extreme weather resistant homes are very important and one of the major drivers in home construction and life cycle cost.

  • Hurricane Resistant –  Miami/Dade NOA certified for 250 mph winds
  • Tornado Resistant EF-5 / Hail Resistant
  • Earthquake Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Bullet Resistant


  • Non-allergenic
  • Noise Resistant
  • Moisture & Mold Resistant
  • No VOC’s


  • Sustainable – 100% recycled American steel, 50 % recycled EPS/XPS and green concrete consisting of 98% recycled cement
  • LEED certifiable

As a homeowner / builder we also benefit from many inherent features of the SprayRock System that is normally beneficial to the contractor.


  • Spray Rock’s high performance envelope erects 50% faster than traditional block shells using Spray Rock’s precision manufactured panels and proprietary automated alignment system for all exterior and interior walls.
  • A typical block shell does not meet Miami Dade Class D code without considerable modifications.  The Spray Rock system is a Class D structure by inherent design and eliminated any need for additional strengthening.
  • Spray Rock’s off site manufacturing process reduces the demand for skilled on site labor and eliminates job site waste making it easier to qualify for LEED points.
  • A typical block shell does not reduce job site noise.  Spray Rock’s off site manufacturing  eliminates “jobsite” noise protecting neighbors and the environment from excessive construction site noise.
  • A typical block shell does not offer CAD computer aided design (two dimensional)  or REVIT  (three dimensional) computer aided design to CLASH (corrective reports) to CAM computer aided manufacturing.  Standard in the Spray Rock building process.
  • Spray Rock has the capability to offer BIM (Building Information Management) from start (the model and all subs) to finish and beyond (complete lifecycle of the structure).  Project management tools are cloud based to insure all parties are able to collaborate and follow project real time from start to finish.
  • A typical block or stick built shell does not include pre-cut MEP’s (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, central vacuum and pest control) in exterior and interior walls.  Spray Rock provides a centrally controlled pest control system allowing for single point treatment of all inner wall cavities.
  • Precise factory manufacturing allows for the mass production of homes during inclimate weather.  Spray Rock continues to build when others suffer rain delays.
  • Spray Rock allows production builders the ability to inventory homes insuring a rapid building cycle – homes on demand.
  • On time scheduling and off site mass production with the ability to incorporate custom change orders as requested by client is inherent in our “build the model” process.
  • Last minute, on site owner/builder changes can be done with minimal inconvenience and time delays.  All stakeholders can see proposed changes in optional BIM 3D modeling before the final change order decision and production.


  • A typical block shell does not include insulation nor provide any insulating properties.  Spray Rock provides R14 standard and options up to R36 while providing insulation and outsulation (continuous external thermal insulation) all at the same time.
  • A typical block shell does not provide water, moisture, vapor, thermal, & radiant protection all in one component – Spray Rock does.
  • A typical block shell does not have energy thermal breaks to eliminate thermal bridging.  Spray Rock was designed from the beginning to eliminate thermal bridging.
  • A typical block shell does not have an acoustic break to eliminate outside noise.  SprayRock by inherent nature is 5x’s quieter than typical block shells and 8x’s quieter than wood stick construction.
  • A typical block shell does not include interior walls.  Spray Rock provides precision manufactured interior walls insuring all angles and lengths are within 1/32 of an inch as  designed.  Kitchen cabinets fit perfectly every time…..
  • A typical block home is finished with inferior 25 gauge studs (minimum allowable by code) while Spray Rocks builds with  20-22 gauge studs – exceeding code and eliminating the risk of screw heads from pop through finished sheet over time.  Spray Rock walls solid to the core.
  • A typical block shell does not finish with one coat of stucco (block requires three coats) Spray Rock gets it done with just one finish coat.
  • A typical block shell, when used in modern contemporary construction requiring a wood roof floor truss will require tapered insulation. Spray Rock does not as it builds the pitch into the Spray Rock roof floor steel truss system eliminating up to 50% of roofing cost.
  • A typical block shell does not include 2×2 wood furring strips attached to the block wall in order to secure interior drywall.  Spray Rock interior framing is drywall ready without any modifications or expenses.
  • A typical block wall uses wood furring stripes on the inside of exterior walls and requires a higher level (above 3) of drywall in order to eliminate waves created by imperfections in the wood furring strips.  Spray Rock provides the same finish quality as a level 4 with a level 3 drywall based on the precision steel interior and exterior frames used in the Spray Rock System.