51b6cb0eb4966d449a9b1890b2d8a6ebYour grandmothers St. Augustine grass just does not cut it anymore.  Why do we waste water resources on a something where there is no return.  Most lawns are front lawns and are for the neighbors to admire.  Lets get real and turn our lawns into functional lands that do not burden our water sources and if they do, they have a positive return on investment.

The Surfrider foundation has developed a program called “Ocean Friendly Gardens” that help redirect run off water into the water shed and away from our oceans.  We want expand on this mission and go beyond the just a rain barrel approach and coordinate an ocean friendly yard with our large capacity rain water harvesting to insure there is no runoff from our piece of property.  Our design will insure all runoff from the roof and pool are captured for future use.  You will see in our government regulation problem, we are pushing for new legislation that will classify the consumption of rain water under the same conditions as well water.  Currently on 7% of all rain fall enters the ground water system and the rest runs off into rivers, streams and eventually the ocean.  By creating an environment where every home can have the capacity to capture 100% of runoff,  we reduce significantly the water volume handled by community drainage systems and possible pollutants in our waterways.